Greetings, Genius Parents and Educators!

Don’t shrug it off, folks. Voting is important and sets a good example for our children to participate in our nation’s government. But, it can be overwhelming for some, especially for first-time voters. Here are a few tips and tricks that you need to know before you go to the booth.

  1.  First, are you registered? You can check by clicking here and selecting your state and the drop down option to “Check your registration status.” This will redirect you to your state’s voter registration lookup website.
  2. When you search for your registration status, it will tell you if you are registered or not. This will also give the location of the closest booth to your district.
  3. Polls are open from anywhere between 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Be sure to look for your booth’s hours so you don’t miss out. Times vary depending on where you live. You can also find your closest booth and hours if you know you’re already registered by clicking here.
  4. You may need a photo ID in order to vote. Please check your state’s regulations and policies.
  5. Go to the booth and make your mark! Vote for the candidates that align best with your beliefs and values. Every vote counts!


Have more questions about voting?

You can find more information here at for more specific questions and answers.

It’s Voting Day!

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