Attention! This is not a drill. Genius PreK has a new website!

Wait, what’s Genius PreK again? Genius PreK is Genius Plaza’s product for nursery, preschool, and kindergarten students and teachers. It features an app where teachers can have their students read eBooks, watch videos, and play games as a fun way to learn academic material. There are also other features for teachers to communicate with parents throughout the day. The teachers can inform parents about nap time duration, meals, playtime moments with peers, academic achievements, and more!

In addition to the app, Genius PreK also offers a 36-week curriculum in English, Spanish, and bilingual lessons in both languages. It offers lessons in ELA, mathematics, and science. What sets Genius PreK apart from competitors is it also offers lessons and learning resources on different careers in STEAM. Your students will learn about careers in science, business, education, medicine, acting, and more!

Where do I signup?

You can download the Genius PreK app from Google Play or from Apple Store. Genius PreK has both free content (yes you read that right, FREE) and premium content available.

 Look for the Genius PreK light bulb when searching for the app. Check out the website by clicking here to learn more or you can email the team at



Genius PreK Website

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