The Genius Plan! has great reviews in California.


Our roadshow geniuses were busy this past week when they did three shows in three days!


That’s right, Four. The Genius Plan! hit the stages of Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco November 26th through November 28th. Students clapped and sang along while they learned about healthy habits, friendship, and more. Unlike some children shows, students also got the opportunity to meet the Professor, puppets, and even the puppeteers up close. Every child’s eyes lit up when they got to high-five each of the puppets and meet the people behind the set. Some children even gave the puppets gentle hugs which was an incredibly rewarding experience for those involved in the show. To know that an impact was made through the art of performance was an amazing feeling for our performers!

What’s next for The Genius Plan?

Next up is Florida! We’ll be coming to Miami and Orlando at the end of January. Because of the holiday season, we moved our Miami performance from December 4th to the end of January. Stay tuned on our Upcoming Shows page for the exact date.

Success in California!

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