We love our fans!


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to give a shout out to our audiences that have seen the show!


“One of my favorite parts was when they showed their emotions when the kids had the opportunity to see how to express their emotions… and I think [the kids] learned through the story.” — Kendall, FL educator


“It was good! I really enjoyed it and I think the kids got lots out of it…Come again!” — Oakland, CA educator


“The kids were really excited to come to this. we had been talking it up for a couple of weeks and they were really into the puppets. That was the highlight!” –Oakland, CA educator


“I love the show! I enjoyed it so much I had to come again.” — Freada Kapor, Co-Chair at Kapor Center


“I thought it was super engaging and the [Professor] was hilarious. He really knows how to work a crowd!” — Oakland, CA educator


Have you seen the show?

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