Welcome to Genius Plaza Live!

We are a part of Genius Plaza, an education technology company that is looking to bring quality education to underserved communities around the world. We strive to ignite the genius in every child and pride ourselves on excellence. Genius Plaza Live is our interactive live show featuring actors and puppets where students ages four to six can dance, sing, clap, stomp, and shout!

About the Show

Coming soon to a theater or school near you Genius Plaza presents: The Genius Plan! This is the story of two puppets named Four and Five that are thrown out of their Genius PreK app and into real-life! A virus has made them sick and they need help from a scientist named Professor I.T. Peapod. Along with his newest invention, a robot named Gene the Genius, the professor and the puppets need the help of the audience to stop the virus and send Four and Five back to the app where they live. Throughout the course of the show, students will not only help stop the virus, but they will also learn academic and socioemotional skills. Our show includes comedy, music, and drama, as well as participation opportunities for the students. Our actors are not afraid to break the fourth wall to ask the audience for help.

Genius PreK App

Look for the Genius PreK light bulb.

In addition to our live show, we would like to invite you to check out our Genius PreK app, available on Google Play and Apple Store. Many of the videos featured in the show are from the curriculum created by our company’s educators. We offer a 36-week curriculum for teachers to use along with our app. We provide Pre-K and Kindergarten eBooks, videos, and games for ELA, mathematics, and science. We also spotlight real-life people in STEAM careers using eBooks, animated videos, and worksheets. Download our Genius PreK app today!



Want to schedule a demo lesson with Professor Peapod and Four?


Contact Jesse Bisceglia at jesse@geniusplaza.com or Lita Carbone at lita@geniusplaza.com to schedule a demo!