Attention Educators:


This is not a drill! The Genius Plan! now has lessons available to use prior to the show. We can mail them directly to you or send you digital copies via email prior to the show so you have time to implement them into your class time.



Have your students make their own finger puppets of Four and Five!

Students can act out mini mad-lib scripts for the class with their finger puppets. Educators will help them practice lines like real actors! Have shy students in your class? Don’t worry, we thought of a special role for them in our lesson plan!




Students can make their own Gene the Genius robot hat!

We ask that teachers hang onto the hats after the craft activity so students can wear them to the show the day of the performance. Students can then show off their Gene the Genius creations at the show!


We even have our own permission slips for the show!



Contact us directly at for more information.